Community Solutions & Sales is a Utah-based association management, real estate sales, maintenance and leasing company founded in May of 2001. When the company was founded Community Solutions & Sales managed seven associations and today manage over 140 associations along the Wasatch Front, Park City, Heber and Midway. Community Solutions & Sales main office is located in Draper, Utah. Our staff of 40 employees ae dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service to the associations we manage resulting in long term relationships with our client communities to preserve and protect property values. If you’re seeking a full service premier management solution for your community contact Jeff Wheeler (801) 230-1043 or e-mail

Agent Duties

· Collect monthly assessments.

· Retain legal counsel to take appropriate steps to collect delinquent assessments.

· Prepare an Annual Budget for the community.

· To be responsible for the maintenance of the Common Areas and Limited Common Areas of the community.

· Enforce the rules and regulations of the community.

· Maintain adequate insurance coverage to protect homeowner investment in the community.

· Maintain a separate Operating Account for the payment of all expenses related to the community and work towards establishing adequate Reserve Funding.

· Company maintains a 24-hour emergency cell phone to address situations that pose a threat to property.

· Strive to maintain a Sense Of Community in the properties we serve by working with the Board to implement community events: Spring Clean-ups, Flower Planting Days, Christmas Parties, Easter Egg Hunts, Community BBQs, etc.

· Maintain a website presence for the communities we serve.

· Onsite Association Management Offices

· Supervise relationships with vendors working on the property to insure work is performed as agreed.

· Staffing of the Main Office to address homeowner phone calls, and to respond to e-mails and questions that homeowners may need addressed.

Association management is no easy task, and requires the efforts of several parties: developer, builder, association managers, board members and homeowners. Community Solutions & Sales is committed to providing a high degree of professionalism in maintaining property values, and creating a pleasant environment for all homeowners in the communities we serve. The Community Solutions & Sales Team is looking forward to assisting in making your community a nice place to call home. Community Solutions & Sales is Utah’s Premier Association Management Solution.